Where Does Customer Experience End and Digital Marketing Begin?

Where Does Customer Experience End and Digital Marketing Begin?

Where does customer experience end and digital marketing begin? The two activities are increasingly entangled in today’s customer-centric world. One thing that experts agree on is that all digital marketing operations should be carried out through the customer experience lens.

The aim of digital marketing, after all, is to help build long-term relationships with individual consumers, which can in turn support the renewed purchase of goods and services and open the door to future opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

The relationship of each consumer with an organization is a description of all their interactions, beginning with initial brand recognition and lasting all the way to their level of interaction after purchase, said Dutta Satadip, a CX thought leader who has developed Pinterest and Google customer experience organizations.

“As more products become subscription-based and businesses seek to target consumers directly, it is restrictive to concentrate on branding and acquisition,” Satadip said. If companies can maximize the consumer lifecycle’s post-purchase portion, they are well placed to derive meaningful customer lifetime value.

“Marketing and customer service have historically existed in silos,” Satadip said. In the future, both groups will have the ability to capture the “true voice of the customer” through the entire customer lifecycle by working together.

Article by,

Alisha Dhillon

School of Business & Accounting 

SEGi College Penang


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