Support the experiential learning ~ Getting to Know You

Support the experiential learning ~ Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You,  an event to support the experiential learning for the subject Principles of Management (CIB0313) successfully launched on 15th September 2020 in Segi College Penang. Under their lecturer Ms Patricia Wee, this event is a practical assessment on how to be a better or more effective leader.  Students will learn how to plan, coordianate, lead and work as a team are some of their learning outcomes.  Participants are a small group of about 15 students who are under the programme of Certificate in Business (CIB).

The event started with an opening speech by SOBA Business Academic Leader, Encik Norazhar Bin A Koang.  Newly joined and appointed to his position.  He explain the terms, skills and characteristics of a leader.  Leaders to be able to lead others in whatever situation there is.  Leaders are found in everyday people.  Not innate but can be learned through experiences and learning.

Encik Azahar giving the opening speech at the beginning of the event.

Since still in the period of movement control order (MCO) everyone had to be in face masks and observed social distancing.  Due to this reason, the number of participants is small at only 15.  Movement and sitting positions are a bit restricter as we need to adhered to the SOP by the Malaysian government.  With all the grouping, moving, walking and etc, the students still managed to do it rather well.

Students have been given the task to organise an Ice Breaker activity where they can identify the skills that can be found in the management team.  Some of the management skills could include communicating, leading, motivating, planning, organising, coordination, and much more.  Proposal of the activities were drafted and used for the event.  Each students are in a small group of 3 to 6.  Each activity was planned at about 30 mins.  Each group had to coordinate and control between 1 to 2 acitivities.

Each of the teams started with briefing the participants the rules and regulations of their activities.  Later they needed to coordinate and manage the overall running of the activities among themselves.  Teamwork is crucial here are leading requires people.

There were only 3 groups with 3 to 6 activities to perform.  The students had acitivities such as Knowing your background, Spot the difference, Charades and  a Minefield: The Obstacle acvitiy.  Due to time restiction, students only managed 4 acvities among themselves.

So the first activity is where a pen is passed between each particpants.  Each need to know and remember each others names and background.  With this activity students can cultivate teamwork and bonding which are important in an organisation.  Another is the minefield where student navigating through the obstacles with their eye closed, guided only by the shouts and direction of their teammates. This activity students leadership learning outcome is communication, listening, and trust. There were other activities not play such as survival skill where it was able to stimulate critical, creative and strategic thinking as well as problem-solving skills that can be useful in business.

The event was wrapped up with photo sessions, lesson learnt and etc.  The students found that they can still learn in a more fun way!  Experiential learning of subject for more practical experiences.  Events are found in many areas of business such as product development, selling, training and etc.  The students not only learnt how to organise, coordinate and manage an activity but enjoyed themselves too!

Poster for the Getting to Know You event

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