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We are proud to announce that one of Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club (AEC) SEGI College Penang member, Ms.Sharlini Nagarajan was crowned as a Gold Medal Award Winner for the International Invention,Innovation

Educators today face new challenges that teachers have not experienced in the past. They deal with students who are part of a “Net Generation” who grew up in a world

Industrial visits are considered important occasions for students as the objective of an is to provide them with an insight regarding internal working systems of industries. As many different types

A group of DECE students undertaking the subject Planning and Organizing Early Childhood Care and Educational Settings organized a webinar topic on how to operate a kindergarten.  We have the

Ever wondered what intrigues our interest to the point that it becomes an obsession to pursue and understand the phenomena further? This was what drove me to my research. Essentially,

Programming is one of the most sought after skill today. Considering the high demand for software engineers, it makes sense to learn programming for beginners. But to learn how to

Colour sorter machine is an automated technology which helps in colour sorting and differentiates product quality. It used in many factories such as the grain industry likes agricultural products, food

Getting to Know You,  an event to support the experiential learning for the subject Principles of Management (CIB0313) successfully launched on 15th September 2020 in Segi College Penang. Under their

The Educational-based tourism (Edutourism), was introduced in 2014 and is steadily gaining popularity in Malaysia as the nation is poised to become a hub for higher education for tertiary students

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