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Students are engaged in the social exchange theory as in accordance to the social psychologist (Blau, 1964) in the course of which student instinctively likely weigh the cost and benefits

Following the announcement by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Sunday, 27 June 2021, the enforcement of the national lockdown is now extended beyond 28 June 2021 until the key threshold

The rapid emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is currently redefining the job of the engineers. The lecturers from School of Engineering of SEGi College Penang is doing everything they

Where does customer experience end and digital marketing begin? The two activities are increasingly entangled in today's customer-centric world. One thing that experts agree on is that all digital marketing

In this era of industrial revolution 4.0, rapid prototyping is considered as a top-notch manufacturing standard among manufacturing industries. Rapid prototyping is a pre-manufacturing method to conduct research and development

SEGi College Penang's School of American Degree Program conducted a webinar in the midst of the pandemic to discuss with industry panels on how the pandemic has impacted their businesses

Thanks to the influence of social media, the relationship between a company and customers has changed drastically. It has provided tremendous leverage and influence to customers and the so-called upper

Inverter is an electronic device to convert DC voltage to AC voltage. The simplest and most common design of inverter is H-bridge two-level inverter. However, the output of two-level inverter

Internship placement is essential for students who are studying for the Diploma in Hotel Management course. They are required to complete a 4 month internship in an international recognized hotel.

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