Exciting Times Ahead for Retired Lecturer

Exciting Times Ahead for Retired Lecturer

After 10 years of educational excellence, Ms Molly Cheah is bidding farewell to Segi College Penang on 8th August 2020.

Molly demonstrated unparalleled love and dedication to her student, she is actively engaged with student by organising field trip and in-house training activities to her student in Segi College Penang. Thousands of students have passed through her very competent and capable hands. To her colleagues, Molly was a source of inspiration.

There are many student activities organised by Ms Molly collaborate with industry players. To name a few:  Cash Flow by Sincere Group, Teluk bahang camp, Young entrepreneur challenge (segi), Business Talk (Maybank). In addition, Ms Molly also served as the club advisor for SEGIAN CARE. Under Ms Molly leadership, SEGIAN CARE have more than 200 active members.

Molly has always been very techno-savvy and is up to date with modern technology. She plans to continue her teaching passion to some Degree in the future after her retirement.

We look forward to see her again!

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